The pandemic kept the University of Central Oklahoma from hosting the Endeavor Games on its campus, as per usual. Instead, participants completed their events in their own communities and submitted their results electronically.

But despite the virtual format, the jitters Anthony Quinn felt before he ran his race were very real.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” says Quinn, a left below-knee amputee who hopes to make the US Paralympic team in 2021 in the 400 meters. “It was a little unusual, given that it was just me and my wife driving up to the local high school track. But once we got into the car, my mentality switched into race mode. I had everything in my bag that I usually have for any official track meet. I did all my usual warmup drills, my practice starts, my stretches. For me, it was a good way to experience the pressure of a regular meet.”

Quinn (who you can follow on Instagram @texasbladerunner) hasn’t participated in full-blown competition since the 2019 Texas Regional Games, more than a year ago. Since then he’s been sidelined by a sore Achilles and the COVID-19 quarantine. He probably would have missed out on the Endeavor Games, too, if they hadn’t gone virtual.

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