“The relationship between a prosthetics and orthotics provider and the patient is best described as a combination of friendship, mentorship (where both patient and professional learn from each other), servanthood (on our part) and finally the seller/buyer relationship,” says Tom LeTourneau. “These are all on a long-term basis.”

LeTourneau Prosthetics was founded in Beaumont, Texas in 1989. Ever since then, word has been spreading of the quality care and superior customer service that Tom and his staff provide. Due to the response of surrounding communities to LeTourneau Prosthetic’s reputation, new facilities have opened their doors in Eastern Texas and Western Louisiana.

Personal Patient Care Improves Patient Satisfaction

“When a doctor spends a lot of time with a patient, it has impact,” says Tom. “I can’t tell you how many of our clients have commented on how much time we give them to make sure that the fit and function of their prosthetic or orthotic device is just right. This could be one of the biggest reasons that an independent survey recently revealed that we have had in fact a 98.8 percent satisfaction rating at all of our locations in recent years.”

Not only has Tom been given the Small Business Person Of The Year Award from the BBB, his company has also been honored with the Small Business Of The Year Award. LeTourneau Prosthetics has been featured on ABC, NBC and CBS as well as The History Channel.

Whether you need care for an injury, condition, disease (including diabetes) or something simple as sore feet, LeTourneau Prosthetics is the place to go. The professionals there are leaders in progressive orthotic and prosthetic applications for every age.

LeTourneau Prosthetics makes it a point to never have a one-size-fits-all mentality when serving their patients. They take the time to fully understand their patients and their future goals.

Orthotic and Prosthetic care is healthcare for the entire family. It can be care needed due to an injury, a condition, a disease, or something as simple as sore feet. LeTourneau Prosthetics specializes in custom designed orthoses and prostheses. They also carry a full line of diabetic foot care, infant and toddler orthopedic applications, and orthotic applications for active seniors.

LeTourneau Prosthetics is the leader in progressive orthotic and prosthetic applications for every age range. Their professionals are on the cutting edge of prostheses and orthoses design. They work with each individual patient providing personalized care.

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