Prosthetic and Orthotic Services

3 Locations:

Beaumont/ Port Arthur •  Jasper •  Nederland

Complete Prosthetic Care
• Computer Designed Prosthetics
• Above Knee, Below Knee, Above Elbow, Below Elbow
• C-Leg, Myoelectric Arm Prosthetics
• Te-Evolution Sockets, the most comfortable prosthetic socket in the world
• Full Cosmetic Restorative
• i-Limb
• Rheo Knee
Complete Orthotic Care
• Ultra Light Advanced Pediatric Orthotics
• Spinal Orthotics
• Tone Inhibiting Bracing
• Halos
• CMT Bracing
• Post/Polio KAFO and AFO Metal Orthotics
• Weight Activated Orthotics
• Foot Orthotics

Other Services

  • Diabetic Foot Care Products
  • Diabetic Shoes and Socks

Need A Prosthetic Tune-Up?

A prosthetic limb is like a new car in some respects: It’s fine tuned and shiny when it leaves our “showroom,” but use and time take a toll to the point that periodic servicing becomes necessary if the “driver” wants to continue to enjoy top performance.

As a general rule, we recommend a prosthetic tune-up every six months, more often if the client has undergone weight gain/loss of five or more pounds, changed activity level, or is experiencing significant discomfort or functional problems with the limb.

During this maintenance visit, we will:

  • evaluate socket fit and integrity;
  • ensure all components are in good shape and provide replacements or adjustments as needed;
  • evaluate limb performance and check alignment for gait optimization; address any questions or problems the client may raise; and assist with any needed prosthetic supplies (suspension sleeves, liners, limb socks, etc.)

The socket should be replaced if it has become significantly worn, discolored or cracked; if it no longer fits intimately due to changes in residual limb size or shape; or if the wearer has undergone additional residual limb surgery. Most patients can expect to receive several sockets during their lifetime.

To schedule a tune-up, call our office today.

Mastectomy Products

A.B.C. certified Mastectomy fitters, providing caring and professional services. Contact us for complete information. 



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