Losing a limb can be one of the most debilitating events a person can experience. In the past, those who had undergone amputation of the lower leg were often confined to wheelchairs or, worse, to bed. The good news is that this doesn’t have to happen anymore, and individuals can lead healthy normal lives with the help of advanced prosthetics.

Prosthetic technology today offers artificial limbs with significantly improved function. The computer chip actually reads each step then applies the resistance needed instantaneously to the pneumatic knee unit. In the world of prosthetics, function is king. With the introduction of micro-processor-controlled knee systems, most amputees can achieve the level of function they enjoyed before amputation. For many, the C-Leg is proving to be an excellent solution.

C-Leg Prosthetic Technology

C-Legs utilize computer-controlled hydraulics that provides amputees the most natural gait. The prosthetics internal computer adjusts itself for each step at the rate of 50 times per second (the same speed as a hummingbirds wings.) The C-Leg with the Te-Evolution is one of the most comfortable socket designs in the industry and allows excellent maneuverability.

The C-Leg, is the first completely microprocessor controlled prosthetics knee/shin system with hydraulic swing and stance phase control. The prosthesis has been aided by an advanced socket design call the Te-Evolution, which was developed at LeTourneau Prosthetics.

“LeTourneau Prosthetics has always been proud to provide patients with some of the most advanced, ultralight and lifelike prosthetics available today. The C-Leg with the Te-Evolution socket incorporated into its design is the most comfortable and advanced prosthetic in the world,” says Tom LeTourneau. “The Te-Evolution allows for greater maneuverability. It can also be adjusted based on an individual’s activity level.”

Mark readily accepted the opportunity to switch to a C-Leg. The results have been dramatic. “It just feels great; the stability is just incredible,” he says. “I knew that the first time I put it on. Now I don’t have to think about each step I did with my previous prosthesis. I can move freely, speeding up or slowing down at will. My gait is natural instead of artificial.”

It wasn’t long before Mark was rediscovering his former life. With the C-Leg, Mark has regained most of his former abilities and activities. “Knowing I can do everyday tasks as a dad, husband and employer has changed my life,” he says. “My wife even has me back on the dance floor…so we dance.”

Play golf and tennis, go fishing or bowling, whatever your favorite activity, you can enjoy it again. Please call LeTourneau Prosthetics today. Your initial consultation is free.

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