LeTourneau Prosthetics fit this area’s first prosthetic ankle-foot system incorporating artificial intelligence and the ability to self-adjust for the type of terrain – flat surfaces, slopes, stairs, etc. – over which the wearer is ambulating.

proprio-footThe Proprio Foot (from proprioception, a person’s introspective sense of the position and movement of neighboring body parts) represents the next generation of prosthetics. It constantly samples how the patient is walking and sets the ankle accordingly.

Longshoreman Jerry Davis, lost his left foot to a workplace accident in 2003. Initially fitted with a standard prosthetic limb, he experienced many of the typical compensations experienced by amputees, such as being unable to sit with his prosthetic foot flat on the ground or to use both feet for support in standing up. His Proprio Foot is changing all that.

International prosthetics innovator Össur, which developed the system, says the Proprio Foot’s sensor technology and artificial intelligence identifies sloping gradients and ascent or descent of stairs after the first step and instructs the ankle to flex appropriately. This active ankle motion also allows users to tuck both feet behind their knees when arising from a chair or sitting down. During ambulation, it automatically gives the toe a lift at the exact moment in swing phase that will allow sufficient ground clearance.

Prosthetic Ankle-Foot System – Closest Thing to a Normal Foot

Upon becoming the first man to wear a Proprio Foot in Beaumont, Mr. Davis evaluated his new componentry: “It’s the closest thing to a normal foot out on the market right now. I think it’s an incredible piece of technology.”

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